ACE Trades and Technical Institute

The ACE Trades and Technical Institute in Canada

One of my goals about visiting Canada was to learn more about the red seal program. I chose not to attend college, but to practice and learn a trade instead. My main reason was to find an out-of-the-cubicle job that would give me money in the short term while I practice and perfected my trade in something that I was passionate about. I have a hard time with just the idea of sitting in an office all day long for the rest of my life. These programs are known as “earn while you learn,” which is very convenient especially because there is no need for a big debt load after graduation, or to be a starving student while you are learning. Looking back at my decision the years my classmates were in the regular academic system learning for learning sake I was already learning and applying the concepts on real projects. And just as you can get specialization with engineering programs, for instance, turns out that for some trades you can also get an official recognition in the form of a certification, which is an endorsement that demonstrates that you are highly qualified in a skilled trade. That helps for keeping a record of your years of experience in case you want to change jobs or if you want to promote your practice.

During my search, I came across the ACE Trades and Technical Institute . They are an institute that offers both traditional training courses and support to be prepared and take the certification exams. I had the chance to interview with them a couple of times, once over the phone and one face to face, and although I thought that the all the practice that I already had from working in the UK was going to be enough, I realized that several concepts about maths and other theoretical concepts I was really missing out. Not having realized that I was missing this vital information would have caused me a really difficult time when doing the test. It’s awesome that these types of programs exist and are readily available for such a diverse type of trades.

I also had the opportunity to talk to some people that are already taking some of their courses, and they said that the courses are a bit intense and that the material is vast. For that reason, I’m planning to go back in the summer of 2016 to focus down on a couple of courses and get the certification done as I fell that some guidance to study for my exam would be of tremendous help, with some focused and dedicated time.

I would recommend to anybody who is a trade professional to consider to get the certification from the ATTI in Canada. The quality of their studying materials is pristine. They also offer options to enroll in online programs which are great for me that I live overseas. Having selected a technical career also offer the opportunity to have recognition in the form of a certificate, and that should not be overlooked, especially when competing with engineers who have the on-paper recognition but lack the experience.

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